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Nolithius.com Fall Clean-Up

Nolithius.com Fall Clean-Up

It’s been a while since the site got some love, so I’ve taken a bit of time to make a few enhancements, mostly with the focus of separating evergreen content from timely updates. A rough list of the notable changes includes:

  • New homepage layout.
  • Games section, with game descriptions.
  • About section, with a little information about yours truly.
  • Evergreen content now housed under Articles.
  • Timely posts are now housed under Updates.
  • Removed tags as a method of navigation.
  • Added redirects under the hood so old URLs still reach the expected content.
  • Removed old, less relevant posts.

There are a series of enhancements I cut from this pass to keep on pace with the development of Guildmaster, but which I plan to tackle in the coming months, such as:

  • Widening the readable area for the posts.
  • Moving the Crossword Dungeon microsite to /crossword-dungeon.
  • Adding the Guildmaster microsite to /guildmaster.
  • Cleaning up articles to free them of time-sensitive content
  • Organizing articles in more cohesive series. For example, instead of a monolithic post, splitting the topic of World Generation into a shorter sequence of techniques you might employ together or a-la-carte.

Nice to haves, but not must-haves!