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Crossword Dungeon 1.1.1 Released and Submitted to IndieCade

Crossword Dungeon 1.1.1 Released and Submitted to IndieCade

The latest Crossword Dungeon version, 1.1.1, is now available on the App Store.

Version 1.1.1 brings a few bug fixes, a major XP tweak, over 100 new words, and, most importantly, the ability to win the game by completing dungeon level 40! Should you have a character deeper than dungeon level 40, the game will be won upon the next level’s descent.

Here is a more thorough list of the major changes:


  • Added over 100 new words.

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Game is now won when completing level 40!
  • Modified XP required per level.


  • Main icon slightly tweaked.


  • Level Up has been slowed down to prevent accidental selections.
  • Hall of Fame now shows which characters have won the game.

Bug fixes

  • Berzerker Rage should no longer stack.
  • Options now save properly.
  • Hall of Fame now saves properly.


I’ve submitted Crossword Dungeon for consideration at IndieCade 2014 and will be sure to post an update should I have any news as to its selection. Here’s to hoping it’s well-received!