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Crossword Dungeon Coming to Android

Crossword Dungeon Coming to Android

Interwoven with Guildmaster development I’ve begun to put together the next update for Crossword Dungeon, featuring, at last, an Android release.

The only reason I could summon up for having taken so long to release on Android was lack of familiarity with the platform, which is no more: I’ve purchased the very reasonably-priced Nexus 7 and spent the whole of 10 minutes getting the game running on the device. The planned updates are as follow:

  1. Android release on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.
  2. Major content update: 500 new words.
  3. New monster: the Lich, an evil summoner that replaces nearby solved tiles with Summoned Skeleton Archers.
  4. Leveling will allow you to pick one Stat and one Skill to improve.
  5. Monster XP toned down to account for more powerful leveling.
  6. Hints on the main menu for some hard-to-discover/understand functionality (such as tap-holding a monster to see its information).
  7. Minor bugfixes for race conditions related to First Strike, etc.
  8. Microsite updates.

If you’ve got any bugs to report, now is the time!