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Crossword Dungeon v1.1.2 and Updates Towards PC

Crossword Dungeon v1.1.2 and Updates Towards PC

As I prepare Crossword Dungeon to be released on PC, I will continue to release incremental content updates and bugfixes in the fashion of v1.1.1. This next version, 1.1.2, which has just been submitted to the App Store for review, includes:


  1. Added over 100 new words.
  2. New monster: The Kobold.


  1. Logo slightly tweaked for better readability.
  2. “You Win” tweaked for better readability.
  3. “Game Over” tweaked for better readability.


  1. The player and, if applicable, monster and letter tiles will now jump to better signify when unable to move in the requested direction.
  2. Tap-holding on Stats and Special Attacks in the Character screen will now pop up helpful informational text.

Bug fixes

  1. Berzerker Rage status now loads properly when continuing a game.
  2. Hall of Fame now centers properly.
  3. Monster info on the topmost row and leftmost column now pops up properly.

Updates towards PC release

In addition to these updates, I’ve begun work on PC-specific bits, such as UI updates, arbitrary window sizes and resizing, and keyboard controls. Even though Crossword Dungeon was designed for mobile from its inception I can honestly say it is a natural fit for keyboard and mouse controls; in fact, I’ve found it hard to go back to touch after implementing keyboard movement and letter selection.

In other miscellaneous news, Crossword Dungeon was assigned a juror for consideration to IndieCade, though I have heard no other news towards its inclusion in the festival. Still crossing my fingers!