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Goals for Version 0.4

Goals for Version 0.4

Now that Dance of Death has moved into alpha stage, some critical features need to be tied up. Save/Load, world permanence, custom keybindings, ranged combat, international keyboard support, and a few interface changes are among the items which I’ll be working on for version 0.4.

The 0.4 development cycle should be shorter than the last iteration, v0.3.60. Here are the goal items:

  1. World and player permanence across sessions (Save/Load).
  2. ‘Continue’ command from main menu.
  3. Custom keybindings.
  4. Look into international keyboard problems with >.
  5. Show item icon in inventory, equipment, drop, and look boxes.
  6. Show terrain and monster icon in look boxes.
  7. Implement bows and ranged combat.
  8. Add ability to specify monster techs.
  9. Add ability to specify monster damage.
  10. Add ability to specify monster energy.
  11. Edit errors in quest text.
  12. Implement scrolling in Journal and Quest subpanels.
  13. Scale Health, Stamina, and Mana bars according to their values.

As an added bonus, I am also considering implementing a generalized [u]se key that uses any feature present on the current tile, as well as making [>] and [<] both ascend and descend stairs.