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4DRL Success: Chronophase

4DRL Success: Chronophase

Fresh out of the oven, my first entry into an nDRL challenge (a 4DRL, no less), Chronophase!

These last four days have been really intense. Tough choices could not be awarded the luxury of a night’s sleep, as I normally prefer; they had to be resolved within the minute. It really gets down to the core of what game design and development is all about.

The feature from whence I drew the inspiration for the name, being able to tweak the granularity of your turns, didn’t make the cut; it did not end up adding much to the experience, so rather than refine it, I made the tough call to axe it along with shields, energy costs to fire weapons, and other such nonessential items. In any case, the game is all the better for it, and I am extremely pleased with the result.

The largest downside to the fast-paced development process is the lack of time for thorough iterative testing. There are some known, intermittent bugs in the release that I could not track down, and had to make the executive decision to ignore.

Many lessons to be learned from this process. I shall mediate on it, right after I get some sleep!

If you happen to be in the final hours of your 4DRL, get back to work (and best of luck ;))! Otherwise, feedback is, as always, very much appreciated.