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Goals for Version 0.7

Goals for Version 0.7

With the v0.6.136 release, Dance of Death began its movement towards a more wilderness-survival-centered gameplay rather than the dungeon crawling of traditional roguelikes. I loves me a good dungeon crawl, but what I can really sink my teeth into is an open world where your progress is only limited by your character’s skills. That, and post-apocalyptic settings. I am not yet set on whether the world of Dance of Death will start to take a “post-apocalyptic fantasy” edge, but that is a discussion for a later time!

Version 0.7 will continue to develop the core systems of the engine, introducing dynamic lighting and a day/night cycle, and reworking skills and items. Skills will mostly be reorganized and their behavior slightly tweaked, while items are due for a major rehaul as far as their properties and how they are equipped. These changes, in addition to player feedback and my own UX observations, will also require a number of interface updates. Finally, the world map will generate rivers and their corresponding areas, as well as take care of some minor bugs.

The following is a list of goals for version 0.7:

  1. Day/night cycle.
  2. Dynamic lighting system with colored lights and environmental lighting for times of day.
  3. Equippable light sources such as torches.
  4. Rework skill system.
  5. Implement XP gain.
  6. Rework item system.
  7. Rework equipment system.
  8. Rework interface.
  9. Add [M]ap command to interface.
  10. Interface command keys should reflect custom mapped keys, if applicable.
  11. Rework large bars, small bars, and scrollbars to be consistent.
  12. Add rivers to world map.
  13. Add river areas.
  14. Remove exits to prevent the player from moving into a water-based area, as pointed out here.
  15. Review shades of blue colors so that the difference between deep and shallow water is once again notable.

The 2010 ARRP release was a success, and I very much appreciate all of the support and feedback from the roguelike community. Please keep it coming!