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Dance of Death Debut

Dance of Death Debut

I am proud to announce the first playable release of Dance of Death! It requires Flash 10 to run, and, for the time being, a decent size screen.

Since I am taking the “release early, release often” approach, you’ll find with this release is a very early build of the engine, featuring basic dungeon generation, FOV, monster generation, item generation, and very basic combat.

You may use the “L” key to inspect dungeon tiles, and other highlighted keys for their respective functions, with the caveat that not all highlighted keys work as advertised! To begin catching keystrokes, please click once on the Flash area once, as noted in the main menu. There is, unfortunately no way to force the browser to give Flash focus; but I will be playing around with some options to remedy this, such as a different distribution method or extensive mouse support.

The game can be reached by means of the button on the top-right of this page, as well as directly through: http://www.nolithius.com/dod

Please keep in mind that, as an early build, it is notably incomplete and unpolished, and, though I’ve tracked most bugs, some may still lurk.

I would love to hear your feedback, be it a bug report, suggestion for improvement or feature, or compliments and praises!