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Dance of Death v0.2.23 Released!

Dance of Death v0.2.23 Released!

Announcing the latest release of Dance of Death, version 0.2.23! This release continues to build up the main engine, and has at its core the new Character Creation system.

At this point, the game is still in a “tech demo” stage, insofar as not having a winning condition, and a number of incomplete or unimplemented features. However, feedback, as always, is much appreciated!

Needless to say, the past two weeks have been both fun and challenging. The earlier portion of this release’s development consisted in knocking out the small-ticket items, culminating with the implementation of Character Creation. The following have been implemented, modified, or fixed:

  1. Reduced screen size to 1080×640
  2. Character creation
  3. Dungeon depth is displayed above the map
  4. Ascending out of the first level is no longer allowed
  5. The monster generator now generates monsters depending on depth
  6. Item subtypes and weapon subtypes added
  7. Help screen implemented
  8. Interface cleanups in game and main menu
  9. The dungeon generator now is less likely to place doors in hallways
  10. Spacebar, along with Esc, now exits Inventory, Stat, or Help views
  11. Bug fixed: a door can no longer be closed if a monster is standing on it
  12. Bug fixed: leftover debug text removed from ‘open door’ command

All of the items outlined within my goals for this release have been completed, except for international keyboard discrepancies, which I will continue to keep an eye on, at the very least until configurable keys are implemented.