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Dance of Death v0.3.60 Released!

Dance of Death v0.3.60 Released!

It’s finally here! Dance of Death has officially entered into alpha territory, with version 0.3.60— playable and winnable.

This has been the largest iteration to date, and also the most feature-packed one, with a good number of engine, interface, and content updates.

Goal items completed:

  1. New monster types added.
  2. Monsters now drop loot.
  3. Endgame condition.
  4. You may now easily return to the main menu after death.
  5. Quest system implemented.
  6. You can now move diagonally without NumLock on.
  7. You may now E[x]amine inventory items.
  8. When stepping over a tile with items, the tile’s contents are output.
  9. Weapon skills have been added and are now used when equipping weapons.
  10. Armor now adds defense, and is wired to Armor, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor skills and techniques.
  11. Search and secret doors added.
  12. FOV now depends on Sight technique.
  13. The Dungeon Generator can now generate round rooms as well as rooms with cut corners.
  14. “Quick Character Creation” option added.
  15. Character Creation now validates that all stat and skill points are distributed, and that a name is typed in.
  16. Scrollbar added to output area.
  17. Bug fix: Messages addressed to the player are now properly output in second person.

Searching (#11) is done automatically when moving to all adjacent tiles to you, at a -5 penalty. To explicitly search, use the [s]earch command.

While item #14, the Quick Character Creation feature, uses the term “class”, do not be fooled, Dance of Death will remain a skill-based system. Classes are purely used to bucket sets of skills, and for aesthetic purposes.

To control the output scrollbar (#16), use [Tab] to put the focus on the output panel, then use [PgUp] and [PgDown].

Additional items completed:

  1. During Character Creation validation, if not all stats or skills points are used, the option to randomly use up the remaining points, or “fill in” has been added [Ctrl+f].
  2. Circle drawing algorithm switched from Bresenham to Manhattan.
  3. Menu screen look updated (randomly generated every time).
  4. Scrollbar added to skills in Character panel
  5. Scrollbar added to inventory in Inventory panel
  6. Bug fix: a missing << 1 in the line drawing algorithm was causing some artifacts.
  7. Bug fix: selecting gender and race now properly updates attributes in Character Creation.
  8. Minor improvements and balance tweaks.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and motivation so far; please, do keep it coming!