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Dance of Death v0.4.89 Released!

Dance of Death v0.4.89 Released!

Announcing the release of Dance of Death v0.4.89!

Among the features for this version you’ll find custom keyboard mapping, international keyboard support, ranged combat, and game saving and loading. The following is a complete list of new features and updates:

From the goals:

  1. Game is now automatically saved and subsequently available from the new “Continue” option in the main menu.
  2. Options screen has been added, which allows for custom keybinding (saved automatically).
  3. Input system was reworked to correct problem with international keyboard support.
  4. Item icons are now shown in inventory, equipment, drop, and look boxes.
  5. Item, monster, and terrain icons are shown in look boxes.
  6. Basic ranged combat implemented.
  7. Monsters now have their own skills and techs where relevant.
  8. Monsters now deal different amounts of damage.
  9. Monsters now have different amounts of energy they use to attack and move.
  10. Quest text edited.
  11. Journal and quest panels now scroll.
  12. Health, Stamina, and Mana bars are now scaled according to their values (largest is 100%, the others scaled respectively).

The following features were also implemented:

  1. Keybindings can be reset to default in the Options screen.
  2. New skill/technique for ranged combat added: Bows/Straightshot.
  3. Bows now have their own equipment slot: Missile Weapon.
  4. Quiver equipment slot renamed to “Missiles”.
  5. Basic item stacking implemented.
  6. Character creation: Names are now validated vs. the global save list to prevent multiple characters with the same name.
  7. Chance of generating a secret door halved.
  8. Modified monster pathfinding to make them less aggressive. You now will be greeted by a monster less often after opening a door.
  9. Additional quest text added for main quest.
  10. Pressing [Space] on the main menu regenerates background.
  11. Bug fix: When generating/loading a new area, the previous area’s list of valid floor tiles was not being cleared, leading to some odd monster/item placements.
  12. Bug fix: Dice algorithm was fixed to be uniformly distributed. Previously, the first and last number in the roll had 50% less odds of being rolled.

As always, feedback is much appreciated!