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Flash Roguelike: Dance of Death

Flash Roguelike: Dance of Death

With the relaunch of this site as a blog comes a piece of great news: I am currently working on a Flash ActionScript 3.0-based roguelike game tentatively titled Dance of Death.

This time I am keeping it simple, staying away from the over-ambitious trap that bogs down so many indie games’ development. As an added bonus, I am staying on track by following Radomir “The Sheep” Dopieralski’s very helpful guide How to Write a Roguelike in 15 Steps.

Developing on AS3 comes with all the benefits of a managed language (as well as the inefficiencies, to be fair), but has the added bonus of being painlessly crossplatform. Dance of Death runs in a browser window as long as you have Flash Player 10 installed.

With both the site and the game I am taking a “release early, release often” approach, so I will be polishing the rough edges off of this custom WordPress theme, as well as posting a technical demo of the game shortly!

Keep an eye on this space for game development and design thoughts, as well as game updates.