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Goals for the Next Release

Goals for the Next Release

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to tinker with the first release of Dance of Death.

Although I’ve been able to get away with some major oversights given the fact that it is an early tech demo, I appreciate that you have pointed out potential areas for advancements and some items I entirely missed.

That said, here are the goals for the next release:

  • Reduce screen size
  • Basic character creation interface
  • Display dungeon depth
  • Tougher monsters, tied to dungeon depth
  • Item subtypes, including weapon subtypes
  • Use ASCII codes as much as possible for input, instead of key codes, to mitigate regional keyboard discrepancies
  • Basic help screen
  • Remove unimplemented interface elements
  • Reduce the likelihood of placing doors in hallways
  • Pressing Spacebar should be equivalent to pressing Esc
  • Bug fix: doors can be closed when a monster is on them
  • Bug fix: opening doors has some leftover testing text