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Goals for Version 0.6

Goals for Version 0.6

With version 0.5.102, Dance of Death reached a stable point and is ready for its next major features: the world map and wilderness. I definitely have my work cut out for me for 0.6, and though the goals list below is short, it is a meaty one.

In addition to wilderness generation, v0.6 will begin to reflect the results of a recent discussion in r.g.r.d. regarding gender bonuses and the social responsibilities of game developers at large. What begun as a simple disagreement regarding gender bonuses evolved into a source of inspiration that helped me define where I want to take the gameworld as a whole, the fruits of which will be seen throughout the next releases.

The following are the goals for Dance of Death v0.6:

  1. World generator.
  2. Wilderness area generator.
  3. Ability to move between wilderness areas.
  4. Ability to move between a wilderness area and the world map.
  5. Moving at the world map level.
  6. Entering a wilderness area from the world map.
  7. Entering a dungeon from a wilderness area.
  8. Exiting from a dungeon onto a wilderness area.
  9. Improved name generator.
  10. Gender bonuses tweak.
  11. New playable races.
  12. Rework main quest to include the wilderness.
  13. Saving the world map.
  14. When the game loses focus, add a “Paused, click to continue.” overlay to ensure the keyboard focus is always correctly active.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and meaningful discussions; you have played a crucial part in keeping the development momentum strong!