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Beautiful ASCII Art and Roguelike Concept Screens

Beautiful ASCII Art and Roguelike Concept Screens

Earlier today on #rgrd, Ido “tametick” Yehieli posted this link to the TIGForum thread for ASCIIPaint, a Flash-based tool to do just that: paint with ASCII. The thread features some amazing ASCII art, many of which are roguelike concept screens, put together by TIGSource community members.

There are some truly inspiring pieces of work there, both from an aesthetic style and from an interface design perspective. I will definitely be reviewing these concepts once again when it comes time to rework the Dance of Death interface!

Some of my favorite pieces:

by Xion

by Xion

by Xion

by Strom

by Xionby TheBreadCat

by Glyph

by Ashkinby Ashkinby Ashkinby Ashkinby Ashkin

by Ashkin

by Core Xiiby Core Xii

by Core Xii

Check out the original thread on TIGForums.