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In the Works: Adventurers

In the Works: Adventurers

I’ve codenamed my current project “Adventurers“, which, although somewhat telling of its theme, should give little away of its mechanics. Needless to say, adventurers will be involved, and there will be adventuring. It’s being developed in Objective-C and Cocos2d 2.0 for iOS, with iPad support from the get-go.

I made the mistake of keeping too tight-lipped with Crossword Dungeon, which is something I’ll be remedying this time around. I’ll be revealing more details along the development process, as well as setting up a forum to start community-building much earlier on.

Adventurers is fairly early in its development, although a good chunk of its design has been fleshed out. I am currently tidying up the world generator and name generator, and starting to work on some of the core gameplay. I’d like to put a bit more work into better looking mountain ranges as well as giving river generation another shot, but nevertheless, here are some screenshots of the terrain generation process of the world generator:

Elevation Wind Rain Shadow Temperature Biomes