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7DRL Success: The Adventurer’s Guild

7DRL Success: The Adventurer’s Guild

I am proud to announce my first entry and success into the 7-day roguelike challenge, The Adventurer’s Guild!

Developed in Flash with ActionScript 3 (and playable in the browser, as usual) starting Saturday, March 10th at around 1:00 PM and finishing today, March 17th, at around 6:30 AM.

Taking into account how busy this week has been at work and otherwise, I am particularly happy with how many of the original plans I was able to accomplish. I will be sure to go over my thoughts and describe the process in further detail once the dust settles a bit.

In the meanwhile, I will be keeping an eye out for a few bugs that have been reported. If you are still working on your game for the challenge, get back to work, and best of luck! Otherwise, play The Adventurer’s Guild, and let me know your thoughts.