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The Adventurer’s Guild Bugfixes

The Adventurer’s Guild Bugfixes

Even though reception for The Adventurer’s Guild has been excellent, a few bugs, especially one particularly fatal one, have stopped players from diving as deeply as possible. These bugs are no longer.

I have uploaded an updated version in which I was careful not to fiddle with any game balance issues so as to keep with the spirit of the 7-day roguelike challenge. Here are the details:

Map did not draw/fatal error in levels 11-14

This was a simple array index out of bounds error. Every level one new monster is introduced, up to level 10. Each time a monster is generated, a level between 0 and the current level is chosen to select the monster type. This was being capped incorrectly to the length of the array instead of the length of the array -1, which explains why this issue was occurring intermittently after level 10.

Monsters spawned underneath players

Moving down the stairs used to cost energy and resolve monster turns, as one would expect. This, however, caused monsters to act and move to the same position as the player in an unusual race condition when the level was generated. Rather than fiddle with a special case, moving down the stairs now no longer expends energy nor causes monsters to act.

Heal spell effect did not clear from tiles

Kohn’s [h]eal spell’s animation effect used to remain visible if you cast the spell next to impassable tiles, due to the way I was queuing the “add effect” and “clear effect” animation instructions. I no longer treat impassable terrain any differently (go ahead, heal the walls), and the effect now properly clears from all of the tiles.

Characters got separated after descent

This can still happen for certain dungeon configurations, but has for the most part been fixed. The starting location for levels was not being reset upon descent, causing odd placement of characters if it happened to be in an impassable area, since the radius search to get the nearest empty set of tiles was too broad, as opposed to tightly grouped around an empty area set of tiles.

Characters were spawned on top of each other after descent

Also addressed with the above fix.

Characters get lost around corners

This is, unfortunately, a product of the crude line-of-sight algorithm used by characters to follow the leader. Rather than a bug, I had to make the call to use such a simple pathfinding algorithm in lieu of A* or Dijkstra maps to keep the scope manageable. I will be sure to address this should I flesh out The Adventurer’s Guild into a larger game, but this “feature” will remain in the 7DRL version.

Let me know if you run across any additional bugs!